Sunday, December 7, 2008

St. Ives, Cornwall, UK - March 2, 2007

Here are some shots of a trip I took to a fishing town in the south-western point of the United Kingdom. The area is called Cornwall.
It's a totally different place compared to England itself. The people are different, even the food.
If you have the chance to visit this place, you should try something called the "Cornish Pasty". It's likelly you'll enjoy it. But be warned: It's steaming hot at first.

I think these shots portray the town of St. Ives and its area, giving an insight to its history, architecture and scenery.

Barcelona airport: Ready to board.

The driver and photographer...

....and the rented car.

---------Cornish countryside---------

----------The town of St. Ives----------

The "Tate" museum.

Typical fisherman's houses.

"Pastel" houses

I enjoyed a great culinary experience.

Architecture and history

A doorside ornament.

St. Ives church viewed from a park.

Parked at Bristol airport. Three days after arriving it was time to return the car and fly back home.


Anonymous said...

Those photos are wonderful!
The buildings look like they are all right on top of each other, they look so close together.

The pictures of the beach are so beautiful.

Reminds me of the riddle "As I was going to St. Ives..." :)

Anders Viking said...

Thanks for your comment! I am surprised you know that riddle! You are quite a learned lady. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pics.

LSEP said...

Ai mare meva... Un nus de nostàlgia m'estreny l'estómac en reconèixer llocs estimats (però no fotografiats) que no veig des de l'estiu passat... Recordo, fins i tot, algunes de les barques i els seus respectius propietaris... i Godrevy i voltants... de fet, l'única foto que no he reconegut és la 21a!

Moltes mercès!

Anonymous said...

I like your pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Anders Viking said...

Thanks for your comment! It's always a pleasure to share the pictures I take. For more pictures of my trips go to
and enjoy!

God bless! :)

Andreu Escuain