Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stockholm, Sweden - January 21 2006

I only stayed there for a day. In Stockholm I felt what cold was really about. Not just dry cold as a lot of Canadians feel it, but humid cold... up in those latitudes. I had to go into a coffee shop every now and then to get heated up with cups of hot delicious European coffee. Here are some shots I took while visiting this wonderful royal capital. I was very glad to have taken a tripod with me. You'll see why below.

The plane that would take me for the 3+ hours flight from Girona Airport (GRO) - Spain.

Boarding the plane from the back

Flying over the Alps.

Starting our approach into an ex-military air field: Nyköping Airport.

This bus would take me to the capital of Sweden. It was about an hour and a half trip from the airport. Nice to see that this bus was made in Spain!

Enjoying some wonderful scenery -snow included!

Transport never stops...

Enjoying this trip to the full already!

Stockholm city

Entry to the Old Quarter.

In Sweden the sun gets down at about 4 PM in winter. No joke. I experienced it! It was dark here but my camera can do "miracles"!

Light in the darkness.

Narrow streets between palace's offices. Originally this street was as dark as ink is. My camera's shutter was open for 30 seconds to get this image and others. Amazing, eh!

Front face of the Royal Palace. I saw the change of the guard!

The Royal Palace seen from the back -close to the river.

Learning some history.

Typical wintery scene in Stockholm streets.

This is the best shot I think I ever took to this date. The photo is in the original state I took it -in it's full glory. It's called "Stockholm's bike".

Trying some of the local food for supper.


Anonymous said...

Those pictures of Stockholm lit up at night are gorgeous! Esp. the ones of the Royal Palace.

Anders Viking said...

Thanks Bryant! Glad to see someone enjoys seeing them :-)